Slide High Performance Our High Performance Program is a specific program individually designed to take you to the pinnacle of your field.

we can take you to the next level

Our in depth high performance template match with your specific athletic requirements creates this unbeatable program which could be the missing link to your pursuit of excellence. Our specialist high performance sport trainer will guide you through a multi-facited approach to ensure maximum results so you can achieve greatness.


  1. Reduces Your Body Fat Levels
  • Trim & Tone your body shape
  • Change your figure
  • Increase your athletic performance
  • Look & feel great for summer
  1. Decreases Your Risk Of Injury
  • Address muscle weaknesses and imbalances
  • Stabilize your core to increase power transfer
  • Increase your flexibility and joint mobility
  • Prepare your body for the riggers of sport
  1. Increase your Strengths and Decrease your Weaknesses
  • Train individual body systems
  • Focus on your sport specific requirements
  • Reduce your bodies fatigue
  • Take your game to the next level
  1. Train your Mindset
  • Be confident that you have trained harder and smarter than your rivals
  • Increase focus with a reduction in fatigue
  • Increase your mindfulness of your body and your emotional state
  • Become more discipline with key personal targets, kpi’s and goals
  1. Health Benefits
  • Increased bone density
  • Reduced risk of bone related impact injuries
  • Increase your VO2 max
  • Increase your power to weight ratio
  • Reduce emotional & physical stress
  • Better concentration and better sleep

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