Slide Female Weights Our Trim, Tone & Tighten Female Weights Program is a specialist program where you get the opportunity to work exclusively with an expert trainer.

designed specifically for Women

With this program, women have been losing weight, increasing strength, looking more toned & becoming more body confident.

This Female Weights Program is designed specifically for Women who:

  • Want to ditch the cardio machines and learn how to build a strong lean body using weights
  • Want to train in privacy and not a big gym environment
  • Don’t want to spend hours on the treadmill for little results
  • Want to gain lean muscle mass
  • Knows lifting weights won’t make them bulky but are unsure where to start
  • Can dedicate 45-60 minutes 2 x per week for training

We have women in our current program losing more than a kilo a week and getting stronger by the day! Limited spots available! Call us now to enquire about the different options available!

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